Stomach Pain After Eating

Stomach Pain After Eating – Gas stomach pain The accumulation of gas requires to be vented out from the food passage extremes. It is a normal activity and is necessary routine to take out extra air from the body that can cause stomach pain. IBS, food allergies, high fiber foods can cause accumulation of gas further causing gas pain. Physician suggests that home remedies are the best remedies for those who have gas problems.

First what one must know is the symptoms for  stomach pain from gas

  •  You may feel that the stomach is full that is because of excess gas that fills in the stomach.
  •  Tightness and swelling near the abdomen area
  •  Cramps in  stomach and shifting in stomach pain
  • Stabbing stomach and abdomen pain

In case of pain because of gas when to see a doctor

There are symptoms that will occur in a person and medical treatment will be required for such symptoms. You will have to consult a doctor in such situation and remember any delay or ignorance can cause lot of problem.

  •  If a person is losing weight unnecessary without doing any exercise.
  •  Individual suffering from nausea and vomiting can have gas pain in stomach.
  •  Fever that is frequent and comes without any reason.
  •  Pain in chest is also one of the symptoms of gas pain.
  •  Severe, prolonged, and recurrent pain in abdominal area is one of gas stomach pain.
  •  A pain that disturbs your normal activity then also you will need to see a doctor.

In case, you are not relieved from the medicines of the doctor what else you can look for

Home remedies for gasstomachpain

Some common remedies to ease the pain that are caused due to gas problems are:

Exercises from leg till chest

Lie down, relax, for two minutes after that hold your legs,and touch them with your stomach. It is just like cuddling your body on your own. Now you slowly have to move your legs away from stomach and bring it back to your stomach. Up and down movements atleast six to ten times are to be done in one minute. Do the exercise for every five minutes in one hour.

Heating pad also helps individuals

Stomach pain can be eased down using heating pads. Use the heating pads that will not burn your stomach. Set the heating pad on the acceptable heating temperature. Hot tea is  also one of the best home remedies to get rid of stomach pain from gas. Tea that has ingredients such as peppermint, ginger, cloves, and chamomile can be consumed by the person suffering from gas stomach pain.

Chewing flannel seeds if you have gas stomach pain

Pain as well as the source that is forming the gas will be reduced by chewing flannel seeds. One spoon of that you can easily chew will be enough when you have severe stomach pain from gas. Chew food well whenever you have meals; never be in a hurry to finish food.

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